The No. 1 Celebrity Documentary TV Show Script
(Global Celebrities Plans, Wishes and HiStory™)
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Claes: TV channels, Demo of TV Show FOR YOU with Celebrities!


Margot: Welcome to my home Claes!

Claes: Thank you Margot, pause
I have come here to have your plans to be, wishes and your HiStory™
So how does your future look for the next 3 years?

Margot: Ohh, in October I will do 2 weeks guest Actor at a theatre in Paris and November doing featured film in Japan.

Claes: OK so we add Buy Tickets Now on the website for October anything more happening this year?

Margot: I will be on holiday in Australia in December

Claes: Fine will you be available to do some more work there, which I can add in the plans as well.

Margot: Yes

Claes: Now we come to your Wishes, do you have 5 countries where you wish to gig?

Margot: Are you the wish come true Claes?

Claes: No, The audience are the wish come true. If you tell them what you want they might ask you to come and perform.

Margot: USA, England, Australia, France and Japan

Claes: thank you, do you have any Artist you like to perform with?

Margot: Marylin Monroe

Claes: OK we give her a call and see what she says


Claes: no contact, must be some atmospheric disturbances to space connection is not working!

Margot: I can think about this and inform you later

Claes: fine it will show up as Combo in ArtistPlans.
if one of your big fans happen to have an even birthday
could you think of showing up as a surprise at the birthday party?

Margot: of course I want to make my fans happy

Claes: ahh you are the wish come true lady! now your HiStory™, what happened after you where born

Margot: I grew up in the outskirts of Paris with my brother, my parents divorced when I was young and I grew up with my mother and her parents. My brother lived with my father and we used to have it so good together and I longed constantly for him. ..........................................................

Claes: Margot it was a pleasure visiting you .................................................

Margot: This is what the Entertainment industry has been waiting for without knowing it.

Claes: Also the people of the world are waiting for this, I think we all are waiting for this to get started, By the way you will be Artist Of The Day tomorrow.

Text in the end. Last time Claes was here he met a person driving private cab who told him that TV channels are looking for Reality Shows with
celebrities. After 1 year he is back with this unique concept!
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