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Science fiction and some explanations in support of Claes viewpoint.

Four scientists from different parts of the earth decides that humans and animals needs to be transported into space to survive Earth. So they plan to build a spacecraft that will travel several million years in space with frozen sperm and eggs from animals and humans before they will arrive to a planet where life can be resurrected!

These four scientists makes a fushionsdriven clock with an extreme creativity that is transfered to a person wearing the watch and several answers of complex situations are given to the wearer.

Claes inspiration to say that there is a gigantic electric potential between the sun and earth comes from situations he experienced in life:

* I was working in the high-tech industry and was about to deliver a sputtering system to a university. The student became so very happy because there was a magnetrone cathode. This meant that the plasma comes on automatically when the gas is led into the vacuum chamber and the electric voltage is switched on. Just this happens between the earth and sun when we see the northern lights over the Earth's poles, because the magnetic field is most concentrated there.
* Since I had a pilot's license and once flew straight toward a thundercloud and noted that the clouds rose vertically into the sky and acts as an electrical short through the atmosphere and creates lightning in these clouds.
* In the early 1990s, CNN had a program with scientists from California that said they did not know if the Earth gets warmer, is cooling down or if the temperature is constant in the earth's core. Obviously, I thought that because the Earth travels in a gigantic electric field that heats the interior of the earth. Just like at school when we did the experiment with an iron rod and wrapped copper wire around it and when electricity was turned on to the copper wire, started heat from the inside of the iron rod exactly as happens on earth.
* The earth travels in a gigantic electrical field which creates the magnetic field around the earth. Just like an iron core in an electric engine creates magnetism.

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